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Versa Process Pump Api 610

Versa Centrifugal Process Pump CENTRIFUGAL PROCESS PUMP BB2-API 610 STD VERSA CENTRIFUGAL PROCESS PUMP BB2 API 610 STD, single stage or two stages, single suction or double suction, radially split casing, between-bearings, heavy duty process pumps, center line mounted. Pumps are designed for hard or heavy duty pumping conditions, for pumping clean or slightly contaminated water, oil, liquefied gas, hydrocarbon, etc. Suitable for refineries, petrochemical plants, gas processing, coal processing, power plants, heat servicing system, offshore installation. Performance Range Capacity : up to 10000 m3/h Head : up to 450 M Operating Pressure : 5.0 MPa Operating Temperature : -45 degree Celsius up to +450 degree Celsius

Sabtu, 22 April 2023

Torishima Pump MHD

Technical Data Size : 50 to 125 mm Capacity : up to 150 m3/hr Max. Suction Pressure : up to 30 bar Max. Discharge Pressure : up to 100 bar Operating Temperature : -10 to 180℃

Kamis, 20 April 2023

Jual pompa ebara vertical Mixed flow vs-vy series

Features -Large variety of options to meet all customer requirements. -Over 100-meter-head per single stage. -Welded guide casing is also available. -Dry bearings not requiring external flushing are also available. -Guaranteed high performance, quality and prompt delivery. -And the following advantages, typical of vertical mixed-flow pumps -Smaller installation space than that of horizontal pumps -Submerged impeller, dispenses with the need for priming and allows pumping up of water from deep sources Application -Water intake/ transfer for general industrial use -Fire-fighting -Sea water desalination -Water intake/ transfer for city water and sewerage works -CWP for power plant -Irrigation and drainage -River water drainage Selection Chart

Ebara process Pump api 610 UCW series

Description Features Centerline supported heavy duty design Back pull-out casing Full compliance with API 610 specifications All components have been designed for maximum parts interchangeability Flexibility of design handles wide range of liquids All sizes stocked for last shipment Low NPSH performance Application Petroleum refineries The petrochemical industry Other chemical industries Specification

Jual Pompa Torishima type MMK/L

MMK/MML Horizontal multistage ring section pump Description The TORISHIMA MMK and MML are horizontal, radially split ring section pumps, single flow. The casings are sealed by flat gasket and held together by the bolts. The stage casing and the tie bolts are encased in a steel cladding. The pump feet are arranged either below the pump or at centre line accordig to the enumber of stages and the temperature. Technical Data Total Head up to 500m / 1,640ft Capacity up to 1,800m³/h / 7,930USgpm Temperature up to 250°C / 482°F Suction pressure up to 2.9MPa / 426psi Discharge pressure up to 5.3MPa / 767psi Speed up to 3,600min-1

Jual ebara horizontal multistage Pump MS Series

Horizontal Multistage Pump | MS Series | Ebara Pump Features: - EBARA’s unique double volute construction provides higher efficiency over a wide range of capacities than conventional pumps equipped with a guide vanes. - Simple construction of the pumps contributes to longer service life. The pumps are compact, lightweight and operate with minimum of noise. - Double volute casing designed to balance radial force at all range of operation. Axial force is absorbed by a balance-disc which has a wear indicator at shaft end. - Parts are fully standardized to ensure easy servicing and maintenance. - The pumps are designed so as to not exceed rated horse power at any pumping quantity. (Model MS) Application: -Water supply -Hot/cold water -Sprinklers -Agriculture -Construction -Factories -Mines -Boiler feed -Other general high pressure services Varian Model: MS420 & MSS - Multi-stage Volute & Turbine Pumps MS210 Series - Multi-stage

Rabu, 22 Februari 2023

Jual Pompa Sterling Sihi CEHA 5102

CENTRIFUGAL MULTI STAGE PUMP : Merk : SIHI Type : CEHA 5102 Cap. : 24 M3/ Hr Head : 50 M Suction : 100 MM Discharges : 50 MM Power : 7,5 KW/10 HP/ 380V/ 3 Phase/ 50 HZ/ 4 Pole/ 1450 RPM

Selasa, 22 November 2022



Spesifikasi CNP - SZ Series, Fluorine plastic single-stage centrifugal pump

Cari berbagai macam dari pilihan terlengkap Vacuum Cleaner. Cari penawaran terbaik dan termurah dari supplier terlengkap di Indonetwork.
Fluorine plastic single-stage centrifugal pump
Any concentration of acid alkali
salty solution
strong oxidants
organic solvent
Strongly corrosive medium.   
acid cleaning, dying,
paper making, galvanization

Performance range:
Capacity:      Q up to 60 m3/h
Head:          H up to 54m
Temperature:   T up to 120℃
Speed:         n 2900rpm
Power:         P up to 18.5kw

Standard material:    
F24 or F46, HT200
Simple structure
Easy for pipe works

Pompa Celup Tai Yih Sun




Lowara memiliki banyak jenis pompa centrifugal yang dirancang supaya awet, tangguh, dan memiliki efisiensi tinggi, dalam berbagai pengaplikasiannya.

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